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Customized personalized Pyrography by Chinese artist Sun xicai

Pyrography is the art of burning designs into wood, leather, gourds, etc. But in the midst of our technological world, this simple art form has been lost. You have to admit, pyrographers are hard to find, the art form is unheard of!

But that's what makes pyrography so great! Not everyone knows how to do it (or has even heard of it). It truly is unique!Pyrography means "writing with fire" and is the traditional art of using a heated tip or wire to burn or scorch designs onto natural materials such as wood or leather. Burning can be done by means of a modern solid-point tool (similar to a soldering iron) or hot wire tool, or a more basic method using a metal implement heated in a fire, or even sunlight concentrated with a magnifying lens.Pyrography is also popular among gourd crafters and artists, where designs are burned onto the exterior of a dried hard-shell gourd, usually with dramatic results.

We all know that finding that special, unique something in the shops is extremely difficult. Most products are mass produced – there are thousands available. In fact, when you give someone a pyrography gift they are bound to say, "that's fantastic! How on earth did you do that so well?!" Pyrography has brought great delight to many; both for those who do it and for those who receive a pyrography gift.

Sun XiCai, the member of China Folk Literature and Art Association, was born in 1977 Shandong China. He particularly liked painting from childhood and became a professionally qualified graphic designer. He now successfully sells his works both locally and internationally. Sun XiCai also gives lessons in pyrography skills, techniques and demonstrates at craft shows.

His works won numerous national and industry awards, such as the “Fifth China Folk Craft Fair” Silver, “The Second Tianjin Folk Art Exhibition” Best New Artist Award, etc.