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Sims2 Heaven 提供丰富的模拟人生2(The Sims2)服装、家具、物品、房屋、人物、化妆和遗传的下载,还有品牌娃娃Paradise Dolls,不要错过哦!

Sims2 Heaven provides lots of clothing, furniture,objects, lots, full sims, makeup and genetics for the game The Sims2! You can also find our special Paradise Dolls section here!
The new url – http://sims.zifengling.comor


原sims2 heaven 资源下载站域名


2011.5.4 更新:
迁移Sims2 Heaven网站至国外空间,原紫风铃模拟人生论坛地址已经解除封锁,现启用原旧域名


2012.10.2 更新
Sims2 Heaven 新版本公开测试中,计划将原资源全部转移至新版本,旧版本域名及页面保留但下载链接全部跳转至新版本。


2019.3.5 更新


2019.3.6 更新
2002 – 2019 再见。

Sims2Heaven has been closed.


  1. 最终也没机会找回我的账号
    To our youth that is fading away. +1

  2. I miss this website a lot
    In the midnight like this, I thought about the good old days and realized that sims2 was my one of the best childhood memory.

    Actually, I searched my ID in google to see what’ve happened with my stuffs then I found this website. (I am Thai creator back then during 2008-2010)

    It bring back the memory of 12 years ago when I was 13, this is a very first website to download sims2 items.
    GUAGUA, you are my favourite creator. I downloaded a lot of your stuff ! (Skin/Eyes/Make up/etc)

    Now, I am 25 year-old-lady.
    I’ve never played the sims anymore (since 2011)
    But you are still in my heart, my memory.

    Thank you for everything.
    Thank you for making me happy at that time.

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