wordpress Widget Logic 插件设置方法

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is_home() — just the main blog page
!is_page(‘about’) — everywhere EXCEPT this specific WP ‘page’
!is_user_logged_in() — shown when a user is not logged in
is_category(array(5,9,10,11)) — category page of one of the given category IDs
is_single() && in_category(‘baked-goods’) — single post that’s in the category with this slug
current_user_can(‘level_10’) — admin only widget
strpos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’], “google.com”)!=false — widget to show when clicked through from a google search
is_category() && in_array($cat, get_term_children( 5, ‘category’)) — category page that’s a descendent of category 5
global $post; return (in_array(77,get_post_ancestors($post))); — WP page that is a child of page 77
global $post; return (is_page(‘home’) || ($post->post_parent==”13″)); — home page OR the page that’s a child of page 13

Note the extra ‘;’ on the end where there is an explicit ‘return’.

The Basics
! (NOT) to reverse the logic, eg !is_home() is TRUE when this is NOT the home page.
|| (OR) to combine conditions. X OR Y is TRUE when either X is true or Y is true.
&& (AND) to make conditions more specific. X AND Y is TRUE when both X is true and Y is true.

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